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Short-Term Indicators of the Russia's Economy 2005  2006  2007  2008  2009  2010  2011 

The electronic and web version release contains the most important economic indicators of Russia: GDP and its structure, volume of industrial output, agricultural produce, transport freight turnover, investments in fixed capital, foreign trade turnover, deficit (proficit) of consolidated budget, retail trade and catering turnover, consumer price indices, the value of minimal basket of foodstuffs.

The following financial indicators are included in the issue: income and expenses, tax payments in the budgets of different levels, credit investments in the economy, accounts receivable and payable, overdue wage outstandings of enterprises and organizations.

The data are also given on employment, money income and the minimum living subsistence.

The publication provides information on selected industrial products output. Monthly indicators are presented since 1998 in tables.


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