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Russia in Figures (in russian and in english)

The CD-ROM contains main indicators highlighting social and economic situation of Russia.

Data are presented reflecting demographic processes, employment and unemployment, money incomes of households. Information is published pertaining to the social sphere, inflation, financial performance of organisations, investment activities, prices and tariffs. The data on GDP production and its use is also published in this issue. Materials presented in the handbook show situation in the main sectors of the economy: industry, agriculture, construction, transport, sectors serving households. The results of surveys on business activity of industrial organisations as well as organisations of retail trade and construction are given in the publication. It also contains information on scientific potential, scientific research, innovations and information technologies. External economic performance is shown by data on the balance of payments of the Russian Federation and external trade. Data related to international comparisons of Russia and some countries of the world are also presented in the handbook.

Issued in Russian and in English


ę 2000-2017 "Statistics of Russia"
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