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Housing and Everyday Services in Russia 2013 

The publication provides statistical data characterizing housing performances and facilities, technical conditions, breakdown by types of ownership. It includes the information on housing redecoration and maintenance, on water, gas and heat supply, sewerage, putting in place of residential housing and the volume of investments in the new construction, financial and economic situation of housing agencies. The re indicators of public utilities reform monitoring and realisation of national project "Available and comfortable housing for Russian citizens" (susidies and compensatory payments to population, sector upkeep subsidies, prices and tariffs for housing and everuday services, etc), as well as indicators of primary and secondary housing market.

The handbook also contains statistical data characterizing everyday services rendered to population, volume of everyday services, its physical volume index, structure of everyday services by types, information of everyday services installation nerwork. The information published presents data related to the entire Russia, Federal districs and constituent entities. Main data for Russia are given


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