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    All manuscripts submitted to the Editorial office of the journal "Voprosy Statistiki", undergo a reviewing procedure.
    The purpose of this process is to determine the relevance of the article, its consistency with the general subject of the journal, originality, scientific novelty, clarity, credibility and reliability of the information contained therein, with the exception of errors and inaccuracies.

    The manuscript is sent to the reviewers after the primary consideration of the Editorial Board (within ten working days), during which the consistency of the material and its compliance with the content and the layout requirements are being checked. In the case of non-compliance the manuscript will not be accepted for publication and will not be sent for review.

    As reviewers can serve the members of the Editorial board and external experts well-recognized specialists in the subject field of the submitted article. All reviews are made anonymously: the authors' names are not revealed to the reviewers, as well as the names of the reviewers to the authors. Reviewed manuscripts usually get back to the Editorial office in 1-1.5 months. After being reviewed the article may be:
        1) accepted for publication (placed into the editorial portfolio and is published within the next three months);
        2) returned to the author for further revision according to the comments of reviewers;
        3) rejected.
    In the case of a negative review the editors should send the author copies of the reviews or verbally motivate the refusal to publish the material. If the author does not agree with the reviewers' comments, editors will send the manuscript for further review. In conflict situations, the decision is made by the Editor-in-chief at the meeting of the Editorial board.
    All reviews are being kept in the publishing center for five years. When prompted, Editorial Board is ready to send copies of reviews on the articles to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

2000-2021 "Statistics of Russia"
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